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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Alaskan summer, 2015

Well its been a great two months at Alaska's Naknek River Camp with another two to go.

My sister Kayela is here again with me for the summer and my dad and little sister just left after spending 10 days with us.

I will be home and running trips on the MO starting October 15, see you then.

Only in Alaska!
Mamma and the kids out fishing in Katmi national wildlife refuge.

Flew out to Contact Creek with my Dad, Caitlyn and Alex for a day of hiking and fishing.

The hike in.

The view from upper Contact.


Caitlyn and Alex with her first grayling.

And her first dolly.

 My dad with a dolly at his favorite place in Alaska.

 Family time in Alaska.

Another one of my dads fish.

 The hike out.

And our ride back to camp.

 Crossing Naknek lake for day of fishing with the bears at Margot.

Spent more time taking bear pictures than fishing that day but still managed a few fish along the way.

Caitlyn and my dad with a sockeye.

My dad with pro guide Hunter Johnson.

The last bears of 2015 for my dad and sister.

The following pics are a compilation of my summer so far, hope everyone enjoys. 

 False charge from a grizzly across the river will get your blood pumping.

 Was finally able to bring Jade up for a month of work and play in Alaska.

 Good friend and fellow guide Jeff swinging on the Nak.

 Jade at Margot.

 Fishing with James.

 Kimber, the worlds greatest camp dog.

 Monster "bow"!

 Jade was a natural of course.

 Early kings.

 John from Georgia.

Epic scenery, and beard.

 Fellow guide and good friend Chad running the Nak.

 Leopard bow.


 Hooked up.


See you in the fall.